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Add Spark to Your B2B Sales: Strategies from a Billion-Dollar Sales Veteran

Many companies are stuck in a sales rut today and don't know why. Joe does. He has identified why sales fail. It's not where you are directing your time, talent, and energy. Ignite new energy, ideas, and engagement to accelerate your revenue today.

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Joe Paranteau

Do you know the silent killers of sales success?

Think your seasoned sellers are all set for tomorrow's challenges? Think again. Overconfidence is an Achilles heel. Surprisingly, many haven't even attended a single sales training course or worked on sharpening their skills. These hidden threats are quietly eating into your revenue, often going unnoticed until it's too late.

Empower Your B2B Sales and Marketing Teams with Proven Strategies

Is your sales revenue stagnating? Are you struggling to motivate your sales and marketing teams? You're not alone. Many organizations today are missing the key elements needed to drive results.

Joe empowers people to break through the barriers holding them back, without stagnation, fear, or anxiety to build resilience and confidence to achieve their dreams.

Joe's educational experiences, coaching, and speaking programs are designed to help you get out of your own way - and to develop confident, adaptive, and effective strategies critical to changing your life.

With Joe Paranteau as your guide, your teams will gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to overcome their biggest challenges and achieve their goals. 

Don't let your business fall behind. Let Joe help you unleash your full potential and drive revenue growth today.

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Selling Without Fear: Boost Your Sales Performance and Revenue

Billion Dollar Sales Secrets - by Joe Paranteau

Keynote Speaking

Joe Paranteau isn't just a keynote speaker who inspires authentic, trusting leadership. He's passionate about igniting revenue growth, overcoming fear, and inspiring action.

Joe's high-energy, interactive approach and relevant content provide the perfect catalyst for your team's success.

But it's not just about business - Joe's insights can also help individuals show up better in their relationships and personal lives.

Ready to take the next step towards achieving your goals?

Contact Joe today to learn more about his keynote speaking and ignite your journey towards success.

Sales Coaching with Joe Paranteau


Joe Paranteau is a successful B2B salesperson who authored "Billion Dollar Sales Secrets" to share the critical elements that define the foundation of top seller's elite success.

After selling over $1B in just a few years as an individual contributor, Joe identified 15 foundational 'secrets' that he used to outpace revenue targets and move his team towards success.

Packed with practical tips and insights, readers have valued it among the best sales books they've read. "Billion Dollar Sales Secrets" has also received multiple awards, including recognition as one of Axiom's Best Business Books for Sales.

Let Joe coach you to discover your team's secrets, motivate, and remove obstacles that will take your business to new heights.

SPARK: sales


Ready to take your sales team to the next level? I've has learned from some of the best minds in business transformation today, and its right on time for today's business.

Joe catalyzed his experience and knowledge to create SPARK, an innovative 90-day sales transformation program that delivers real results.

Joe's passionate about helping others, and his high-energy keynotes and personalized training will help you build capabilities, such as confidence, effectiveness, and adaptability that will make you better in sales and life.

Contact Joe today to learn more and schedule a consultation for your team. Let's work together to achieve your business goals.


What Customers Are Saying

When you apply Joe's guidance and teaching, you will be successful. It's not an option. He helped me grow and blow out my sales revenue targets. He has flat out some of the best information on selling today.

Billy Baker, Channel Manager, Edgio

Joe's an innovative thinker who formulates strategies that challenge the status quo in selling. His unselfish and empathetic style delivers unique experiences to his clients. He authored your new sales bible! 

Hector Rodriguez, AWS

Gives you golden nuggets you will use in your sales career. Highly recommend for any seller!

Sheyanne Mitchell, Zerto